UCA Institutional Diversity and Inclusion - Sheila Franklin Interview Jun 30, 2022

Sheila Franklin sits down with UCA Institutional Diversity and Inclusion for an interview


Franklin Retires After 28 Years Apr 13, 2021

Sheila Franklin retired from the Faulkner County court system after 28 years of service.

Family, friends, colleagues, police officers and elected officials stopped by her retirement party at the Justice Building last week to wish her well.

“It’s amazing. It’s emotional. I’m going to hate leaving,” Franklin told the Log Cabin Democrat at the reception. “I feel like over my 28 years, I’ve touched a lot of lives and helped a lot of young people. I’m overjoyed by the opportunity to serve in this great community.”

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Franklin, Warren share their experience Jun 12, 2020

Thinking back to 1967, Sheila Franklin remembers a younger version of herself feeling fearful. After attending pre-school at Pine Street School, she and her siblings, along with their fellow African-American classmates, would be transitioned into the Conway Public Schools District.

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Franklin Encourages Team Oct 27, 2019

Twentieth Judicial District Juvenile Intake Officer Sheila Franklin encourages juvenile justice advocates to empower African-American youth.

Juvenile Intake Officer Sheila Franklin spoke to juvenile justice advocates from across central Arkansas on Friday, educating the group and raising awareness about the need to reduce racial and ethnic disparities within the court system.

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Intake Officer Starts Program, Wins Award Nov 8, 2015

“Regardless of how bad we think the situation is, our kids are worth saving,” Franklin said. “It’s never too late for anyone until you take your last breath. There’s no such thing as you’re too far gone.”

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